My Story

I've always been interested in cooking. As a teenager, I loved to spend time in the kitchen, both at home at my grandmother's. I liked to observe and to help.

I remember the first time I made meatballs... not wanting to touch the meat, I was using a wooden spoon to mix it. My grandmother took the spoon out of my hands, held my elbows from behind and pushed them into the bowl.

I learned one of the most valuable lessons in cooking that day, when I was told: "If you want to learn to cook, you have to dirty your hands!" This lesson has served me well. I've been cooking for over 40 years now, and yes, clean hands are a valuable tool!

Intrigued by food, I went to school for a degree in nutrition and clinical dietetics.

I worked for years, while cooking every night for my growing family: my husband and three children.

I truly believe in a balanced diet being at the core of good health, both physical and mental for children and adults alike. Most importantly, are the benefits of sitting down as a family to enjoy a meal and talk about the day. These are precious opportunities to communicate, to share and to create memories and habits that will last a lifetime.

Food is history and history is strength. If you think of your favorite foods, they're typically associated with good memories. Food is love, for we nourish both our bodies and our souls through the food that we prepare and that we share.

My philosophy on food might differ from others, but I strongly believe you should never eat anything you don't enjoy. Food should be a source of nutrition AND pleasure. Otherwise, it's not worth having.

With this in mind, I've cooked family meals and meals for large parties. In turn, I've been rewarded with great feedback and a lot of love!